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Training Opportunities.

What:   Risk Assessment and Use of Evolve

When:  Tuesday 10 October, 4:15pm at Ardwhallan.

Who:    Anyone planning trips out. Also for extra ordinary activities in the club that may involve an element of risk e.g hiring a bouncy castle etc.

How:     Email  to register.

For all sessions (unless otherwise instructed) please register for attendance with Jane by emailing Please register where possible at least 1 week before the session date

Please note - that if you you sign up for a training you may need to cover training costs incurred should you not attend and/or not meet the training organisations rules around cancellation. Where training is offered by an external organisation it is your responsibility to seek confirmation from them of their  conditions and nature of training e.g length of session, materials to bring , food available etc.  Where training is offered by the Youth Service you can contact the office directly

These are our policies and guidelines.